Minuscule Arts. Mediating between Spirits and Souls

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Minuscule Mediators 01


Entry into Jerusalem, 11th century (abt 1045-1060) Armenian Miniature. Areg Village, Gospel fragment. Entry into Jerusalem, 11th century (abt 1045-1060)
Armenian Miniature. Areg Village (near Talin), Gospel fragment.


It’s a Miniature. It’s small, and it’s beautiful. The word ‘Illumination’, available to categorize this kind of work is quite appropriate. Made in an Armenian Monastry far away in the Black Mountains of Cappadocia. around 1055 to illustrate a Gospel manuscript. One out of sixteen and extremely rare. After the Muslims conquered Armenia , as Dickran Kouymjian noted, they “are left over as virtually the only artistic or cultural remains originating from this entire area prior to the thirteenth century”. ¹


Illuminated manuscripts of the time come in two modes: Elegant, monarchic and plain provincial. Obviously this one is a provincial edition. It is written on paper, not on a more expensive heavy vellum. There is no gold leafing in the open spaces, it shows the plain parchment in the background. And the same scribe who did his daily…

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