Perverse Incentives: Donald Trump on show. The Wild Bear and his Zipper


I decided to take my seat at the front row last night. At three o’clock I had my comfortable couch to relax, and a glass of water next to me to keep it cool. I forgot to touch it, unlike The Other Guy on my screen, who really looked like a frightened wild bear on the loose somewhere in Hydepark, waiting for that first shot. This Donald Bear, I counted the the number of remarks that had some relationship to politics. Some, I wanted to be more than fair in my judgement, benevolent in a way. I counted 22, at most. Oneliners, shortliners.

Remarkable, all of them, yes, All of Them, were shouted from the stage many times before. Nothing new there. About 14 of them were classified by the Lie Detection Research Groups as Falsifications. Not that the other ones were Thruths, they were not put to the test…

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